Squiggle: Public Interactive Art Installation

June 2024 - September 2024 | Citypoint, 1 Ropemaker St, EC2Y 9HR

immersive art sculpture
Embark on a transformative journey through the unexpected with NEON’s Squiggle, an immersive art installation reimagining how space and materials are used, at Citypoint from June to September 2024.

Inspired by the London Festival of Architecture’s 2024 theme of ‘Reimagine’, the artists here look at the non-linear reality of life, with captivating artwork challenging conventional perceptions. Explore the unpredictable twists and turns of our every day through three “squiggly” lines converging at Citypoint.

Utilizing flexible PVC construction ducting, the installation creates interactive modules in a new environment, enticing engagement through sitting, walking, and laying in shade and bright vistas. Squiggle extends into the square, tempting passers-by to venture inside for a once-in-a-lifetime emotional experience.

Commissioned by Brookfield Properties, NEON’s Squiggle, created by a dynamic architectural duo, promises to elevate the everyday with mesmerizing exploration of familiar materials, reimagining and manipulating the unimagined. Don’t miss this opportunity to encounter the extraordinary and discover the beauty within life’s deviations.

This artwork will be recycled and the materials recreated back into PVC Piping and smelted aluminium. The objective is to chip and grind down the plastic tubes, followed by a process of remelting to transform them into fresh piping for reuse. The aluminium and steel frames utilised in the ballast will undergo recycling, while the concrete ballast will be repurposed by Whitewalls, the manufactures, for future installations. Due to the scale and size the artwork, we planned its construction with materials that will be recycled.


Brookfield Properties commissioned NEON architecture practice for this year’s Public Summer Installation. Based on their incredible works in the public art space and their bold use of colour, interactivity with visitors and recyclable material choices to create works inspired by nature.

NEON is an award-winning design practice based in the U.K. lead by Mark Nixon and Vilina Koivisto.

The studio was founded to investigate the territory between architecture, art and design. They manipulate familiar materials in ways previously unimagined. They design with every sense in mind. Delivering a once in a lifetime emotional experience.

NEON has worked on projects ranging in scale from objects to monumental art installations.

Alongside the team in the studio, they worked with a highly skilled team of engineers, interaction consultants and fabricators to deliver our project.