Working at Brookfield is about bringing out the best in people

As a Brookfield employee you will have an opportunity to pursue rewarding and challenging work with skilled and supportive colleagues while developing as an executive and building a career. Even as we continue to grow, we have maintained an entrepreneurial approach. At the same time, the size, scale and breadth of our business — spanning multiple continents and markets — is an asset that provides unique and varied career opportunities for our employees.

Our emphasis on developing executives is supported by our flat organizational structure and long-term focus. Our "promote from within" philosophy helps our employees grow and develop within the Company.

We offer competitive benefits and a compensation package that rewards you for your contributions.

If you would like to work as part of a productive team and have the drive to succeed in a fast-paced, goal-driven environment, we invite you to find out more about our open positions by clicking below.

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Brookfield’s Analyst Rotation Program is designed to train junior staff through exposure to multiple core business units and develop well rounded real estate professionals while developing important relationships.

Jonah Mermelstein

Analyst, New York, NY

“Brookfield’s rotational program has allowed me to fully appreciate the breadth and depth of a vertically integrated real estate company, and build a broad base of knowledge integral to any real estate investment professional. In addition to developing a diverse skills and knowledge base, the past few years have afforded me the unique opportunity to contribute to each group in a meaningful way by taking lead on transactions or projects suiting my experiences. Finally, Brookfield’s rotational program has provided me with the framework to forge meaningful relationships with various members of the company’s senior management which resulted in a natural springboard for mentorship and guidance.”

Kevork Mesrobian

Senior Associate, New York, NY

“The Brookfield rotation program has been instrumental in helping me build a solid foundation in real estate. Brookfield’s expansive platform provided the opportunity to immerse myself into various groups in a relatively short period of time. My fellow analysts/associates and I eventually took the lead on many meaningful projects as fully integrated team members. The knowledge, experience and relationships gained through the rotational program have been immeasurable and have been a catalyst for my career in Real Estate.”

Sunil Seelamsetty

Associate, New York, NY

“I have found Brookfield’s competitive advantage in the real estate space lies in its vertically integrated platform. All facets of the business are conducted in-house, including acquisitions and dispositions, capital markets, leasing, asset management, and development. The opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time in each of these teams early in my career has made me more well-rounded and thoughtful having now completed the Rotation Program. My tenure at Brookfield has been defined by both breadth and depth of experience within real estate, and I attribute this unique level of exposure to the Analyst Rotation Program.”

Justin Coulter

Analyst, New York, NY

“The rotational program at Brookfield has exposed me to the core elements of the real estate industry in a relatively short period of time. The long-term rotations in various groups at Brookfield and the firm’s commitment to small teams ensures that rotational analysts and associates are fully integrated and work on real deals and projects. The opportunity to work in multiple groups within a respected company that has the massive footprint of Brookfield has not only enhanced my skillset in a short period of time, it has also helped guide my career to the sectors within the real estate industry I am most interested in pursuing. It has been an invaluable experience.”


Brookfield offers a ten-week program designed to familiarize rising college seniors and first year MBA students with day-to-day activities of a specific Brookfield department while providing exposure to many facets of the real estate group generally. Areas in which our interns will gain experience include:

  • Financial Modeling using Argus and Excel
  • Asset Valuations
  • Research Skills
  • Presentation Skills

Alyssa Schwartz

Marketing, New York, NY

“It was an honor to work for Brookfield this summer and to learn every facet of the industry from the top talent in real estate. The culture of Brookfield is second to none with the most approachable employees who are always eager to teach. This incredibly well run organization truly allows for growth and a hands-on experience beyond ones imagination. “

Thomas McGlone

Asset Management, New York, NY

"As a summer analyst at Brookfield I had the opportunity to work on meaningful projects alongside the best professionals in the industry. The positive and collaborative culture promoted engagement across various real estate disciplines and provided unparalleled, hands-on exposure to the real estate world."

Tyler Chrystal

Capital Markets, New York, NY

"My internship at Brookfield provided valuable experience learning first-hand about the real estate industry. The company culture encouraged active participation on meaningful tasks, and colleagues took time to explain 'how' and 'why', making for a great opportunity to be involved in every facet of the real estate investment process."

Yi Li

Design, New York, NY

“Inspiring, Immersive, Expansive. The internship had truly extended my knowledge of real estate industry beyond what school or any other smaller organization was able to teach me. It was an honor to learn from, and work with best talent in the industry on the top notch projects in such a well-run organization.“


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