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Antonio Murado | D.C.

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799 Ninth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

About Antonio Murado

Antonio Murado was born in the North Western community of Galicia, Spain. Seventeen years ago, after finishing his studies in Fine Arts at Salamanca University and after living in Madrid for six years, Murado moved to New York City to establish his career as an artist. Murado is a colorist of remarkable breadth, expressing both subtlety and bravura at the same moment, his painterly connection between landscape and abstraction, between materiality and vista, results in exciting and gorgeous work. His paintings reflect the same wild natured world that inhabits the paintings of both the 18th Century English master artists Turner and Constable. In his handling of the paint surface, Murado proves himself to be more than a gifted colorist. The identity he establishes between the behavior of paint and the suggestion of the real world, remains mysterious, meditative and thought provoking. What Murado seeks to obtain on the surface of his canvases is not the representational transparency of a clearly identifiable external reality; rather it is a degree of density and subtlety of materials capable of evoking the experience of landscape. Murado makes use of a great variety of unusual techniques in painting, these experiments in alchemical materiality result in variegated paintings, infinitely nuanced, conveying Murado’s own plastic versions of the different domains of the life of nature: from the vegetable universe, in paintings that suggest entangled forests, in which we feel ourselves transported inside the most intimate of life’s primordial palpitations to Murado’s frozen landscapes, at the same time dense and deserted, making us believe in the capacity of paintings to reinvent sensation. The artist’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally for almost two decades. Most of the major museums in Spain have included one of his paintings in their permanent collections, and his work is held by a number of important corporate and private collections in the United States. Murado has been reviewed by numerous international publications including The New York Times and Artforum, and his work is the subject of several monographs. Murado currently lives and works in New York City.