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Goodjal ba Ngoonii Koorndaam

Jarni McGuire | Perth

Goodjal ba Ngoonii Koorndaam by Jarni McGuire Goodjal ba Ngoonii Koorndaam by Jarni McGuire


One The Esplanade

1 The Esplanade
Perth 6000


About the work

Noongar artist Jarni McGuire's work Goodja ba Ngoonii Koorndaam (Two Brothers Dreaming), illuminates cultural heritage that speaks to place, coming together, and celebration. Weaving traditional narratives into the present landscape, Goodja ba Ngoonii Koorndaam is inspired by the story of Two Brothers Dreaming, a tale which reminded Jarni of her own fathers, as they would dance together holding Beendi Beendi (dance sticks).

Two Brothers Dreaming unfolds with two brothers falling from the sky and embarking on a journey through Boodja (Country), sharing and celebrating culture as they moved through the Land. Each of the Beendi Beendi represent one of the brothers, with the vitality of dance, and ceremony which the two spread on their travels depicted through graphic markings on both the ground plane and sculptures themselves. In a celebration of kwop wirnn (good spirit), Goodjal ba Ngoonii Koorndaam becomes an enduring reminder of culture, and the power in coming together.