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Within Without

Stuart Green & Sandra Hill | Perth

Within Without by Stuart Green Within Without by Stuart Green


One The Esplanade

1 The Esplanade
Perth 6000


About the work

The site of One The Esplanade is on the Swan River (Derbal Yerrigan) foreshore, in an area once home only for Whadjuk Noongar. With colonial arrival it became the place where Western Australia’s selfgovernment was proclaimed. To Western Australian colonists, Proclamation Day, October 21, 1890, was the beginning of self-government. The British colonial idea of Responsible Self Government meant something entirely different for Aboriginal people in WA for whom the land was never ceded.

Within Without, is a statement artwork comprising two 14 foot pieces designed to express energy and endurance, and a shared history as Western Australians in Whadjuk Noongar country. The two pieces are the result of a collaboration between Stuart Green of Big Spoon Art Services, and Noongar artist and project cultural advisor, Sandra Hill.

is informed by consideration of the many facets of Western Australian history. It references the extended historical use of the site as a place of coming together for Aboriginal people, as well as its role in the recognition of European arrival, whilst evoking hope for a reconciled and united future. It references trees and timber, and particularly the wrought surface texture of this material, as a metaphor for the lived experiences of both black and white people of this place. It is a sculptural evocation (though not an illustration) of the coming together of indigenous and colonial cultures, and a recognition of the challenging conversations and experiences required to fashion a new way forward.

In this historically significant location, the artwork might be seen as trunks or figures holding memory of place through time. Created from many elements, both black and white, with sculptural references to natural and architectural practices, these works create whole strong and solid forms. Ultimately each piece of the work, black and white, fit together, jostle and support each in a dynamic balance. Set deep within and between the pieces, a green light glows in remembrance of the Proclamation Tree, whilst also evoking the concept of new growth after the fires and sun of harder past years, creating hope for a better future. Overall the various elements of this artwork combine as one to create a strong reference to the rich and varied past, acknowledging the challenges of the past as those that are yet to come, and offering hope of a reconciled, respectful and united future for the people of Western Australia.