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Breaking Ground

Sam Hopkins | Perth

Breaking Ground Sculpture by Sam Hopkins Breaking Ground Sculpture by Sam Hopkins


108 St Georges Terrace
Perth, 6000

About the work

When it comes to sustainability, we’re all in. Created by Sam Hopkins, a young emerging West Australian artist, the sculpture is a celebration of hope, growth, adaptation and a brighter future.

Symbolic of returning used material to its source for a new beginning, Hopkins found inspiration in nature and the lifecycle of a seedling, which germinates, grows into a plant, develops flowers that are pollinated and fertilised, then again produces seeds; thus repeating the cycle.

Reflecting its natural surroundings ‘Breaking Ground’ will adapt its look depending on the weather and time of day. Embodying Brookfield Properties’ commitment to sustainability, the artist has utilised recycled materials from recent building works for the installation while maintaining a sense of balance, strength, and elegance.