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Koolbardi wer Wardong

Kambarni | Perth

Cheeky Birds by Noni Cragg Cheeky Birds by Noni Cragg


Brookfield Place Perth
125 St Georges Terrace
Perth 6000

About the work

Acclaimed local artist Kambarni brings to life the legacy of Koolbardi wer Wardong, which has been passed down from generation to generation, for centuries.

Aliwa yeyi! (Look out now!) Feathers will fly in this cautionary tale. Koolbardi the Magpie and Wardong the Crow are two very proud, vain, jealous brothers. Set on Noongar Boodja (the south west corner of Western Australia), this story is a journey back to the Nyittiny, the time of Creation, where love, loyalty, betrayal and jealousy are all stretched to their limits. Because pride always comes before the fall.