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Bringing our spaces to life

March 16, 2023

colorful artwork

Candor TechSpace, Sector 62, Noida gets a 1,900 sq.ft. wall art installation that celebrates craftsmanship and sustainability

At Brookfield Properties, we take pride in incorporating innovative practices and using resources responsibly as part of our ESG initiatives that aim to protect communities and environment for future generations. The art installations in our office campuses too serve the same purpose. The Technogaianism, a 1,900 sq.ft. wall art installation mounted at Candor, Sec – 62, Noida is a quick moment of motivation for us to reduce, reuse and recycle every day. (A Technogaianism is a bright green environmentalist stance of active support for the research, development and use of emerging and future technologies to help restore Earth’s environment.)

The Technogaianism’s design, weaved by 15 master weavers from West Bengal, blurs the boundaries between tangible-intangible, rural-urban, tribal and fine art, and brings aesthetics to public spaces. Its various design motifs such as the key, chakra, sun and headphones conveys that the foundation of humans’ social progress is connected with technology. Every element used in the installation is sustainably reimagined and reinvented. Divided into two broad sections – it symbolises how we humans live in two worlds: a world buried deep in a sense of oneness with the natural world around, and a nature-less world of the digital screen and virtual environment, created from our technology and intellectual achievements.