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Potsdamer Platz | Berlin, Germany

Festival of Lights

A vision of the future, today

Potsdamer Platz is a new kind of urban centre in the heart of Berlin’s dynamic community. It is the only property in Berlin that combines prime retail, office and residential offerings with five-star hospitality and exciting arts and entertainment. Currently under extensive redevelopment, the Arkaden at Potsdamer Platz will once again become Berlin’s most inspiring and vibrant shopping destination.

A vibrant urban hotspot in the heart of Berlin

With 3,700,000 residents, Berlin is Germany’s largest city - and one if its youngest! Nearly 55% of the population is younger than 45 years of age. And Berlin is growing. In 2019, nearly 20,000 new residents moved to the city.

Berlin is also the third most popular travel destination in Europe, ranking behind only London and Paris. In 2019, the Berlin tourism industry saw a nearly 4% increase in overnight stays within the city, totaling 14 million visitors and 8.5 million domestic visitors. While the average age of visitors to the city was well under 40, over 65% of visitors said they came to Berlin for the attractions, and 45% for the arts and cultural offerings.

The best Berlin has to offer, in one Place

Every day, Potsdamer Platz welcomes 30,000 office workers and nearly 110,000 visitors - from locals to tourists - attuned to what’s happening now in global and local culture. Potsdamer offers world-class architecture, cinema, theatres, gourmet restaurants, premium hotels and office spaces. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A Place to dine: With a total of 20 places to grab a snack, have a lunch outside, or have a fine dining experience. Potsdamer Platz has an option for every moment of your day.

A Place to work: Potsdamer Platz includes 130,000 sqm office space in total.

A Place to experience: From award ceremonies to film premiers, from concerts to world-class theatre, Potsdamer offers exclusive and unexpected experiences alongside local classics, sparking interest and encouraging reconnection.

Reimagining an iconic Berlin destination

The new retail experience will include a deliver a mix of retail, dining and entertainment offerings. This repositioned shopping experience will be Berlin’s only fully-roofed retail high street and lie within Potsdamer Platz’s vibrant ecosystem. Our goal? Introduce a diverse mix of big brands and disruptive retail that brings the tastemakers and trendsetters to the Arkaden.

A new kind of urban centre

  • 270K sqm total estate space
  • 46K sqm retail space
  • 2 onsite 5-star hotels

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