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A global approach to sustainability

Our logistics portfolio

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Sustainable solutions throughout our business

Throughout our logistics portfolio, we believe in reducing our properties’ impacts on our communities through our global sustainability practices.

Current initiatives

We have been focused on creating a innovation-focused, sustainable portfolio since we acquired our first logistics properties. As part of this, we have committed to the following ongoing initiatives to ensure that we are keeping our properties at the forefront of responsible operations and development:

  • Energy Star certification: By the end of 2021, we are committed to earning Energy Star Certification for 35% our more than 160 logistics properties throughout the US and Brazil. We have collected all relevant data and submit for certification.
  • LED lighting program: Part of an ongoing initiative, 4.8 million square feet, or 20% of our logistics portfolio has been retrofit with energy-saving LED light fixtures. In 2021, we plan to retrofit an additional 3.5 million square feet. To date, our annual reduction in green house gas emission totals close to 5,500 metric tons, which is equivalent to 6 million lbs. of coal or 14 million miles of driving.
  • Bottle stations: As part of our development specifications, we have now included water bottle filling stations to reduce the environment impact of single-use plastics and paper products. We installed 30 stations in 2020 and all developments and retrofits going forward will have these, as well.
  • Touchless features: As part of our learnings from COVID-19, all future buildouts will feature no-touch plumbing fixtures, anti-microbial materials on all touchpoints, motion-activated lighting and enhanced ventilation systems standard.
  • White roof replacements: In 2020, we replaced four roofs with energy efficient white TPO roofs, which reduce energy expense compared to traditional dark colored roofing materials. We plan to add an additional 10 white roofs throughout our portfolio in 2021.
  • Global operating standards: Finally, we have created minimum health and safety standards for our contractors and service providers to ensure the wellness of all tenants and visitors to our facilities.

Key 2020 initiatives

  • 5,500 metric ton reduction in emissions
  • 35% Energy Star certification goal
  • 4.8 million square feet retrofit with LED lighting

Taking our portfolio to the next level

Over the coming years, we will pursue standard LEED certification for all of our development properties. In addition, our developments will be designed according to WELL building standards, which among other areas introduces more natural light and fresh air into our properties. This will help ensure tenant wellness, and - we hope - ultimately assist our tenants and partners with employee retention and business performance. Further, we have also begun to integrate timber construction into our structures and facades as they have the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available material.

“We are focused on taking our entire portfolio to the next level when it comes to sustainability.”

Devin Barnwell, Head of Logistics, U.S.

Future initiatives

Similar to our retail team, we believe in utilizing our flat roofs for solar energy projects. In addition to installing solar panels on roofs and over car parking, we aim to harness the energy via battery storage, reducing our reliance on grid power sources by 2023. In addition, EV charging stations will be made standard at all future developments and major business parks. We believe this will assist our tenants as they move their fleets away from fossil fuel dependency.

Finally, we are also planning to install power over ethernet in our properties, as this users less power than traditional buildings. It also further equips our properties to provide better data infrastructure to our tenants, ultimately improving their experience, as well.

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