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Annual Luminaries installation

Brookfield Place | New York, NY

Brookfield Place Winter Garden holiday lights

Luminaries is a mesmerizing light installation created by the LAB at Rockwell Group for Brookfield Place in New York, inspired by the season’s traditions of sharing, giving, and community.

A child sends her wish to the Luminaries

Visitors sit under the lights of the Luminaries in the Winter Garden

A spectacular light installation creates a holiday tradition

Visitors are immersed in the suspended canopy of glowing lanterns that follows the glass-enclosed topography of the Winter Garden, visually drawing visitors through the space, from the stairs to the waterfront outside. These custom, cubic lanterns are embedded with LEDs, each capable of changing color and intensity.

The interactive exhibit features three Wishing Stations where touch-activated wishes can be sent to the canopy of lanterns above, activating a magical display of lights, colors and music. Visitors are encouraged to watch light shows every hour and send wishes to the canopy above from the glowing wishing stations. Brookfield Place donates proceeds from every wish made during the holiday season to various philathropic organizations.

The interactive and collective act of wishing creates a communal and celebratory tradition. In addition, spectacular, choreographed lightshows are scheduled throughout the day and night.

“The holiday season is so much about sharing moments with families and friends, as well as the act of giving that marks generosity and good will.”

David Rockwell, Founder and President, Rockwell Group

  • $25,000 donated annually - To philanthropic causes via visitor wishes
  • Built on traditions - Sharing, giving and community

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