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London Wall Place & Principal Place | London, UK

people on bike sculptures under lights

Lighting up London Town

In partnership with Amsterdam’s pioneering Light Art Collection, Brookfield Properties presents a stunning annual light installation at two properties in the heart of London, illuminating the city in the cold winter months.

“We are committed to transforming public spaces through art and feel that IlluminoCity reflects the energy and creativity of the City.”

Caitlin Warfield, Director of Marketing, Europe

Shining a light on public arts

A relatively young art form, ‘light art’ aims to explore light as an artistic medium, crafting visually wondrous installations that both interact and illuminate their surroundings.

The annual installation was created to enrich the open public spaces, and bring joy, warmth and wonder to the surrounding cityscape. Each light art piece - from mind-bending cubes to interactive bicycles - was chosen to demonstrate the advancement and innovation of aesthetics and technology and how they affect our functioning and habitation in the world.

London Wall Place and Principal Place are both part of the City of London’s ‘Cultural Mile’ initiative and are central to the commerce of London. London Wall Place is a setting of ancient history with its remains of the original Roman London Wall and public gardens, and Principal Place in Hackney is a hub of buzzing cultural activity.

  • Largest collection - Light Art Collection is the largest collection of Light Art in the world
  • Multiple artists - Five installations from a series of artists across two public spaces
  • New ways - Explores new ways to use glass and light to express emotions

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