Construction in downtown Nashville Construction in downtown Nashville

An innovative waste diversion program

Reducing waste from our operations and diverting construction waste from landfill is a key element of our strategy to reduce our environmental impacts. Across our portfolio, our site development considerations include the infrastructure required to encourage a high level of recycling and composting. Overall, our design standards set a target to divert at least 75% of construction and demolition waste from landfills.

Waste recycling center Waste recycling center

Development standards for the next generation

Our Fifth + Broadway mixed-use development in Nashville exemplifies this waste strategy. During the development’s initial demolition phase, over 7.6 million pounds of steel was recycled along with over 160,000 pounds of copper. Fifth + Broadway is also on track to exceed the 75% waste diversion target, diverting more than 69,000 tons of waste from landfills, equating to a 94% diversion rate. 

Once operational, all of the development’s waste collection containers (general, wet trash, recycling, cardboard) will sit in a central collection area that is easily accessible to waste collectors. Fifth + Broadway team members will valet the waste produced by retail tenants, helping them stay focused on their customers, while ensuring operational efficiency and cleanliness throughout the development. Valeting waste will also increase recycling and reduce potential waste contamination. Our multifamily tenants will sort their own waste and dispose of it in dedicated general waste and recycling chutes.

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