Bar at The Table at Crate

Crate and Barrel's new restaurant, The Table at Crate, creates an immersive and memorable brand experience

Global home retailer Crate and Barrel has opened its first-ever full-service restaurant at Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook, IL. The Table at Crate was born from a collaboration between Crate and Barrel and Cornerstone Restaurant Group and is the group's first venture into the retail space. Led by esteemed Chef Bill Kim, The Table at Crate integrates the restaurant and retail experience across two levels of indoor and outdoor space.

Dining area looking towards the front

Cultivating unique experiences

The Table at Crate's unique concept was made possible by Brookfield Properties' Eat / Drink and Big Box leasing teams, both who specialize in cultivating these types of experiences across our portfolio. By utilizing traditional retail properties to curate non-traditional partnerships, our team is setting a new trend in motion and changing the face of retail.


As a longtime destination for all things home, we know that our customers love to entertain. We share that passion and The Table at Crate creates a more immersive brand experience for our customers.

Neela Montgomery, CEO of Crate and Barrel

A display of colorful macarons

Blending restaurant and retail

Working in tandem to create an immersive brand experience, Crate and Barrel and The Table at Crate are complementing each other well. Traffic to their retail store brings attention to Crate and Barrel's restaurant, while the dining destination's 75-seat space helps the home retailer come to life by showcasing their furniture, silverware, and decor at the restaurant. 

Further blending restaurant and retail, The Table at Crate's guests can indulge in a signature cocktail as they explore the adjacent Crate and Barrel store. In addition, Crate and Barrel is working with Cornerstone Restaurant Group to explore interactive programming on-site, including chef demos, cookbook dinners, and other events that will draw in the local community. We're excited to continue working with The Table at Crate as they integrate with Crate and Barrel to provide a unique dining experience in a non-traditional setting.

Sitting area at The Table at Crate