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Queer Frontiers: An Exhibition Celebrating the Work of Ashton Attzs

100 Bishopsgate

June 1, 2022 - July 15, 2022

Artwork by Ashton Attzs

Brookfield Properties and Arts Brookfield are proud to present a multi-site exhibition of the works of artist Ashton Attzs. The artworks celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community and will be exhibited for Pride month and London Pride 2022 throughout Brookfield Properties buildings in the City Of London. Ashton’s work is bold, joyful and unapologetic both in style and message. Their Artwork revolves around trans awareness, queer relationships, and gender diversity highlighting the love shared throughout the queer community.

The full series will be open for viewing at 100 Bishopsgate.

  • Every Hour is Ours - (pictured above) reminds us that Pride cannot be confined to a month or a season, it’s always and it’s uncontainable. The illustration shows a group of diverse LGBTQ+ people, wearing outfits in their respective pride flag colours, sat on a hill overlooking London’s Skyline. The piece is presented as a diptych, with each half representing day and night. Wherever you are and whatever the time, there is always community to celebrate pride – 100 Bishopsgate
  • Far from home but still close to you - This Illustration was created to honour Trans Day of Remembrance. And reminds us that our trans loved ones who have parted this world are never too far away from us – 100 Bishopsgate
  • Don’t Stay In Ya Lane - This artwork won the Evening Standard Art Prize in 2018. Ashton was inspired by trans joy and liberation; a celebration of being yourself! Freedom is represented in the form of trans swimmers – 99 Bishopsgate
  • Happy Sundae! - This illustration takes inspiration from dreamy, nostalgic colours and summer memories. It shows LGBTQ+ people getting trans-flag coloured ice-cream from a gay pride ice-cream van – Citypoint, Podium
  • Cherry on the Top - Inspired by trans love/ T 4T relationships - platonic and romantic - and togetherness - Citypoint, Podium
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - This Illustration was created to honour Trans Awareness Week. It is a celebration of trans people and the GNC community being free – Citypoint
  • Fly High - This Illustration was created as part of a Trans Awareness and remembrance week collection – Aldgate Tower
  • Proud Always - Inspired by pride for ones’ self, on another and the community as a whole – Aldgate Tower
  • Beach Bois - Part of Ashton’s early series of work. They were inspired by queering the quotidian and by trans liberation, joy, and freedom – 30 Fenchurch
  • Summer Days - Inspired by the idea of Queertopia: tranquil, idyllic summertime vibes - Nexus

Ashton Attzs is a 24 year old UK-based painter and illustrator. Ashton’s distinctive and charming characterful people that populate the majority of their paintings and illustrations are representative and inclusive of the endless identities and diverse expressions of the everyday person. Their unique world-building in popping bright hues creates a utopia, where everyone and anyone can step inside to dreamy landscapes and cheerful situations. Ashton’s art covers a range of topics from LGBTQ+ advocacy, visibility, unity, positivity, music and mental health. Their art seeks to empower LGBTQ+ people and people of colour on a global scale where they share their artworks publicly in a variety of ways. To date, Ashton has been commissioned by the likes of Instagram, Tate, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and Universal Music to name but a few. In 2018, Attzs won the coveted Evening Standard Art Prize: for their painting of transgender swimmers, Don’t Stay In Ya Lane.

Brookfield Cares continues to support AKT through our Pride 2022 charitable donation. AKT assist young people into safe homes and employment, education or training, in a welcoming and open environment that celebrates lgbtq+ identities. To find out more information please visit akt.org.uk.

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100 Bishopsgate
London, United Kingdom EC2M 1GT

Multi-Site – London Office Portfolio

Date & Time

June 1, 2022 - July 15, 2022