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Space Objekt: OA-515


June 15, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Space Objekt

Situated in the heart of Londons urban sprawl, OA-515 by Space Objekt is an invitation for dreamers to get lost in their reverie. Invoking the notion of an environment made abundant by enabling rest and providing fertile conditions ripe for the imagination, the installation is a playful pitstop for busy professionals and passers-by making their way around Citypoint.

Taking inspiration from tropical climates and flora, OA-515 calls to mind idyllic holiday locales with a distinctly retro futuristic spin reminiscent of the Space Age. Bright colour gradients, iridescent surfaces responding to changes in light, and reflective panels creating mirages, all serve to uplift and imbue a sense of lightness and ease. Other design choices ground the work in Nature: undulating forms in the flooring reference water, necessary for the existence of life, and the shape of palm trees instantly conjures up warmer climates. Take a break, and escape to your happy place.

Space Objekt is a Singapore-based boutique design studio that is reshaping the understanding of built environments and reimagining spatial experiences. Established with a collective vision of making art accessible to all, founders Tina Fung and Ash Razaque hope to redefine spaces and connect audiences with the world through this new visual language. Space Objekt aspires to spark joy through their work, be it small scale props, immersive larger-than-life installations, or even interior design. When art thrives, art grows. When art grows, it inspires, making it relevant to today.


Join us AFTER HOURS at the Citypoint Plaza for our Summer Party and launch of art installation OA-515, by Space Objekt. 

June 15 | 5.30-9.30pm | Citypoint Plaza

Enjoy drinks, a street food market, and disco vibes. 


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1 Ropemaker Street
London, United Kingdom EC2Y 9AW

Date & Time

June 15, 2023 - September 30, 2023