U.S. Office ESG

Los Angeles

100% of the electricity requirements for the Los Angeles office portfolio supplied through a newly built solar power plant by 2026.

Los Angeles Environmental


Zero Emissions Electricity

  • Increases demand for finite zero emissions electricity supply, incentivizing new development and improving the mix of in-state clean energy generation sources.
  • Financing a new-build solar power plant adds new renewable power supply to the grid.
  • We will achieve this by executing a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a renewable energy development company to initiate the development of a new solar power plant that will supply our DTLA properties with 100% renewable electricity.


  • Food insecurity
  • Recycling
    • Reuse & donations
    • Single-use plastic reduction
  • Composting


  • Capture
    • Case study: Bank of America Plaza in Los Angeles
      • BofA Plaza is 57-story office building in Downtown Los Angeles
      • The Brookfield Properties Engineering team created a new method on site to capture approximately 500,000 gallons of rainwater per year that was previously routed through to the municipal sewer system and instead is now filtered, treated, and re-used on site as cooling tower supply water, site water feature, and irrigation.
      • The team augments the captured rainwater with condensation captured from equipment throughout the building, significantly increasing the amount of water available in the harvesting system for onsite re-use.
  • Conservation/efficiency 


  • Biodiversity
    • Honeybees
      • 10 hives throughout the city
      • Estimated "adopted" bee population:500K
      • Conducted 10 workshops in 2022 for tenants
  • Nature impact
    • Material sourcing 
    • Land displacement
    • Pollution control

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Code of Business Conduct

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Rigorous Third-party Oversight
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