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100% of the electricity requirements for the New York office portfolio supplied through hydropower in 2024.

New York Environmental


Zero Emissions Electricity

  • In-state run-of-river hydropower


  • Why local power?
    • Buying local from renewable energy produced within the same grid in which our properties are using electricity helps to incentivize the addition of new renewable supply, contributes toward state renewable energy targets, and provides a more direct connection to the source of our renewable electricity generation.
  • 24/7 carbon free electricity
    • Energy from a power generation source that does not emit any carbon emissions through the production of electricity, every hour of every day, all year long.
    • Sourcing from 24/7 carbon free electricity generation helps to ensure that the clean power we're purchasing is flowing into the grid the same time we're using electricity at our properties.
  • By purchasing 100% renewable electricity for the New York office portfolio, we are able to eliminate the carbon emissions associated with each of our tenant's electricity usage within their leased spaces, reducing their overall Scope 2 emissions.


  • Food insecurity
    • Rethink
  • Recycling
    • Reuse & donations
    • Single-use plastic reduction
  • Composting


  • Capture
  • Conservation/efficiency 


  • Biodiversity
    • Honeybees
      • 22 hives throughout the city
      • Estimated "adopted" bee population: 1.1M
      • Conducted three workshops in 2022 for tenants
  • Nature impact
    • Material sourcing 
    • Land displacement
    • Pollution control
      • Seabins

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Code of Business Conduct

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