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U.S. Office ESG

San Francisco

100% of the electricity requirements for the San Francisco office portfolio supplied through local solar and wind power by 2026.

San Francisco Environmental


Zero Emissions Electricity

Solar and Wind power
  • Procuring power through the Clean Power SF “Super Green Program”, a local community choice aggregation program provided from the SF public utilities commission that provides renewable electricity from solar and wind power facilities to customers.
    • Why local power? Supports the development of new community-focused clean energy supply, green jobs, and investments into the local community.
    • Increases demand for finite zero emissions electricity supply, incentivizing new development and improving the mix of in-state clean energy generation sources.


  • Food insecurity
  • Recycling
    • Reuse & donations
    • Single-use plastic reduction
  • Composting


  • Capture
  • Conservation/efficiency 


  • Biodiversity
  • Nature impact
    • Material sourcing 
    • Land displacement
    • Pollution control

San Francisco Governance

Code of Business Conduct Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct

Rigorous third-party oversight Rigorous third-party oversight
Rigorous Third-party Oversight
Cybersecurity Cybersecurity