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Mall advertising FAQs

What in-mall advertising opportunities are available?

From large-format digital media and digital OOH (Out of Home), to static advertising and sponsorships, there are numerous types of mall advertising opportunities that will help create a powerful advertising program for your brand. Inventory varies depending on the mall, with unique media offered at some of our higher-end properties. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to learn more about available advertising opportunities, or see some mall advertising examples

How much does it cost to advertise in a mall?

The rates for in-mall advertising depend on different variables, including property, inventory, location, time of year, and length of term. To find out the cost of a mall advertising plan that best meets your needs, contact a strategic partnership representative by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 

How many impressions can I expect an advertising campaign to yield?

In an off-line world, it’s hard to predict an exact number of impressions. However, our team is always exploring new ways to measure effectiveness. When you partner with Brookfield Properties on a digital advertising campaign, we are able to tell you exactly how many times your ad has played. We will work with you –and utilize our shopper data– to make sure you're reaching the right audiences and receiving as many impressions as possible.

What creative deliverables am I responsible for providing when advertising at a shopping center?

After signing a contract, we will send a timeline, creative specifications, and upload instructions that align with the inventory of your choice. If the client is unable to provide their own files for their advertisements or needs help designing the creative, we are happy to refer them to a third-party agency. In this case, the client is at a minimum responsible for providing any high-resolution photos, logos, and color specifications they desire for their advertisements.

What types of event can I run at a mall?

Our properties have the capability to host short and long-term events ranging anywhere from one day to year-long. This can be anything from experiential brand building and sampling to product demonstration. These events offer clients a great opportunity to make one-to-one connections with our customers. 

What types of event can I sponsor at a mall?

The majority of Brookfield Propertiesmalls have sponsorable Santa and Easter sets, giving clients the opportunity to get great coverage during the holiday season. We also offer sponsorship opportunities for events that range from jazz concerts to movie nights. For more permanent sponsorship solutions, we have soft-seating and kids' play areas that can be sponsored. Please contact us to learn more about what sponsorship opportunities are available. 

Does the mall have an event set-up I can use, or do I need to provide my own?

Our primary responsibility is to provide our clients with the venue. Depending on the event and mall location, we have pop-up fixtures, chairs, and tables that can be used on a short-term basis. The client is solely responsible for the event set up. 

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