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Jewelry and accessories

Swarovski and David Yurman are among the luxury jewelers that have activated campaigns at our properties. Learn more about in-property displays, strategic inventory pieces, and other ways Brookfield Properties can help promote jewelry and accessory product lines.


Activation: Static media
Location: Multiple

Swarovski has activated multiple campaigns over the years, targeting key timeframes such as Mother's Day and Holiday to advertise their latest collections via multiple touchpoints within the malls.


Activation: Static media
Location: Multiple

Seiko has displayed banners throughout multiple Brookfield Properties centers in order to promote their high-quality watches.

David Yurman

Activation: Static media
Location: Oakbrook Center

This activation was a double lightpole banner takeover at Oakbrook Center in the Chicago suburbs.

David Yurman has advertised with us using other campaigns and strategic inventory pieces for the past few years, seeing success after their initial trial in 2015.


Activation: Multiple
Location: Multiple

Pandora has had a presence at roughly half of our properties, utilizing various banners, standees, floor clings, table tents, elevator and escalator wraps, door clings, and more.

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