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We have extensive experience helping athletic brands and sports teams build hype with fans. Find out more about the programs and activations that delight our shoppers, from NFL player meet-and-greets to engaging static media.

NFL and Nike

Activation: Pop-up event
Location: Willowbrook Mall

In this program leading up to the Superbowl, Nike activated at Willowbrook Mall to showcase their products and provide meet-and-greets for NFL players and their fans.

The event took place in Center Court and included a 40-yard dash event in front of Champs.

Chicago Sky

Activation: Pop-up event and digital media
Location: Oakbrook Center

This was a one-day event at Oakbrook Center promoting the WNBA team's upcoming season. The Chicago Sky's event, complete with fun activities and free ticket vouchers, was supported by a digital ad on the village green Large Format screen.

Chicago Blackhawks

Activation: Static media
Location: Oakbrook Center and Water Tower Place

The Chicago Blackhawks have utilized multiple inventory pieces to drive traffic to their in-mall stores in two of our Chicago area shopping centers, Oakbrook Center and Water Tower Place.

Denver Nuggets

Activation: Static media
Location: Park Meadows

The Denver Nuggets promoted their team's upcoming season at Park Meadows, reaching shoppers with a few different pieces of static media.

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