Colorful stairs at Oakbrook Center Colorful stairs at Oakbrook Center

One-of-a-kind art sets our retail properties apart as must-see spots 

From blank walls to empty staircases, Brookfield Properties is always looking for opportunities to turn ordinary spaces into colorful canvases. To kick off this artistic expedition, we partnered with artists to transform everyday spaces into creative masterpieces. Not only does this partnership result in the creation of impressive works of art, but it also produces spaces that attract, excite, and inspire the local community. 

Here's a look at some of the spaces that have been brought to life by talented artists:

Omniscope at The Mall in Columbia 

Artist: Davis McCarty 

Brookfield Properties partnered with Davis McCarty, an artist that utilizes laser cut fabrication and lighting design, to inspire people throughout the country with this temporary exhibit.

The Omniscope, located at The Mall in Columbia, is the world's largest dichroic kaleidoscope. This remarkable structure is 12 feet tall and lights up the sky with its iridescent color-changing spire and animated LEDs.  

Omniscope at The Mall in Columbia Omniscope at The Mall in Columbia

Garden mural at Ridgedale Center

Artist: Niki Zarrabi 

Ridgedale Center collaborated with Niki Zarrabi to kick off its new community garden. For three days, shoppers were invited to watch as Niki painted live in center court. The final mural depicts a beautiful floral display. The melting arrangements represent a return back to Earth while the wildflowers represent life itself. 

Ridgedale Center is one of the first U.S. malls to have a community garden. The center opened a 20' x 20' space designed by master gardeners from the University of Minnesota. 

Garden Mural at Ridgedale Center Garden Mural at Ridgedale Center

Fiesta Mural at North Star Mall

Artist: Mauricio Ramirez 

Mauricio Ramirez's artwork crosses borders and boundaries. Highlighting cultural nuances, his art contributes to the communities where he shares his work. His mural, depicted here at North Star Mall, was created for the North Star Fiesta event and celebrates San Antonio's culture. 

"I included an abstract multi-colored background that features flowers which portray happiness and joy. [T]he mural celebrates happy moments such as celebratory events of Fiesta San Antonio." 
- Mauricio Ramirez

Fiesta mural at North Star Mall Fiesta mural at North Star Mall

Stairs at Oakbrook Center

Artist: Brett Whitacre 

Using stencils and spray paint, Brett Whitacre creates eye-catching, colorful pop art. He was commissioned to breathe color and life into an under-utilized staircase at Oakbrook Center, turning it into a destination unto itself. Located beneath the food court and next to Nordstrom, the stair art has become a colorful, memorable, and photographable space for visitors to experience. 

Artist Brett Whitacre sits on his stair masterpiece at Oakbrook Center Artist Brett Whitacre sits on his stair masterpiece at Oakbrook Center

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