artist painting on wall artist painting on wall

¡Vamonos! Let’s enjoy a month of creativity and celebration!

September 15 marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S. While we celebrate the colorful cultures, rich histories, and diversity of Hispanic Americans year-round, we’ve partnered with Hispanic artists on creating unique pieces of art across our portfolio of regional shopping centers, showing now through October 15. 

Meet the artists

Artist: Revel

Revel is a live speed painter who creates amazing works of art within minutes and delivers a live performance with his work. Revel’s vibrant mural, inspired by his Latin roots, is on display at Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Learn more about his art at:

Artist REVEL

We asked artist Revel what Hispanic Heritage Month means to him, and he shared:

“It means celebrating culture and the beautiful differences we share that make our world unique.” 

Artist: David Maldonado 

Muralist, singer and songwriter David Maldonado participated in our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration with his piece, inspired by “amor y esperanza” or “love and hope.” You can find David’s piece on display at Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, Texas.

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Artist David Maldonado

Artist David Maldonado shared how the meaning of Hispanic Heritage Month guides his process.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is not only an opportunity to celebrate our heritage, but also educate. I think it’s important to know where one comes from and what they’ve gone through and use that story to continue sharing their light in the local community.”

Artist: Gabriel Prusmack 

Artist Gabriel Prusmack is a young, local Galveston artist with a passion for diverse colors, semi-realistic images and making big, dream-like statements that bring joy to the viewer. Gabriel’s bold and colorful mural is on display at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land, Texas.

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Artist Gabriel Prusmack

Gabriel shared how his culture fuels his passion to create. He says:

“Hispanic Heritage Month means to express yourself from where you've come from in your roots. Family is so important and the respect you give to your roots goes further than you think. ¡Se Libre!”

Artist: Reinier Gamboa 

Gamboa  Reinier’s painted interpretation of his Hispanic roots is on display at our property Shops at Merrick Park in Coral Gables, Florida.

Learn more about his art at:

Artist Reinier Gamboa

When we asked artist Reinier Gamboa about Hispanic Heritage Month, he shared the importance of both looking back to his roots and forward to the future.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a chance to remember my roots and the contributions of those who have come before me,” he noted. “I would like future generations to realize we live in a beautiful planet worth exploring and taking care of.”

We are proud to be a part of diverse communities across the country and through art, stories, and business, we aspire to share the contributions and achievements of Hispanic Americans today and every day.