Hanger hanging on a rack Hanger hanging on a rack

FIT:MATCH's virtual fitting rooms help shoppers navigate the new normal

If you're looking to buy new clothes but want to avoid the fitting room, look no further. FIT:MATCH, whose 3D-AI powered technology matches customers to garments that fit properly and hides those that don't, has partnered with Brookfield Properties to bring their contactless fitting experience to three of our retail properties. The announcement of this partnership comes during a unique time where health concerns are transforming the way customers approach the traditional shopping experience. 

At the onset of COVID-19, FIT:MATCH conducted a consumer poll to assess shoppers' behaviors and their feelings towards returning to physical retail. While 75% of participants said they will return to visiting physical retail stores post-pandemic, an astounding 40% said that they are now apprehensive about trying on clothes. By introducing a method in which shoppers may never have to try on clothes in-store again, FIT:MATCH is setting itself apart as a pioneer in the contactless shopping space and paving the way for other companies to adopt similar approaches. 


At FIT:MATCH we’re combining 3D and AI technologies to deliver an integrated offline/online no-contact apparel shopping journey that means consumers will never have to try on clothes again.

Haniff Brown, Founder and CEO, FIT:MATCH

Haniff Brown Haniff Brown

Haniff Brown at FIT:MATCH's first pop-up at
Brookfield Properties/Baybrook Mall

Fit:Match Chicago Fit:Match Chicago

ContempCo's rendering of FIT:MATCH's
Chicago pop-up experience 

We first partnered with FIT:MATCH in 2019, introducing the retail technology start-up to Baybrook Mall (TX) via pop-up shop. We're excited to grow this partnership and introduce them to new markets, including Oakbrook Center (IL)Glendale Galleria (CA), and Stonebriar Centre (TX) this fall, with more markets to be announced in 2020. We are eager to watch as this touch-free shopping experience innovates the retail landscape and meets the needs of consumers in today's changing retail landscape.

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