Digital Banner hanging inside mall

Consumer’s attention is in high-demand across all channels of media, and it is becoming increasingly challenging for brands to break through the clutter. In a highly saturated world of print, radio and television, how can businesses stand out and capture the attention of their key audiences? Enter Out-Of-Home (OOH): a method of advertising that reaches consumers when they are on the go.

Brands are quickly catching onto the trend, increasing their OOH media allocation and seeing an increase in ROI. In fact, it is expected that $4.5 billion will be spent on U.S. digital OOH advertising by 2019 and continue to grow at a rate of 15% per year.

Brookfield Properties has adopted a digital OOH strategy that is eye-catching, cost-effective and helps retailers and businesses alike advertise with ease. To assist brands in reaching their target audience, we've installed a network of large format digital screens that allow for high-impact, full-motion video promotions to reach high-traffic areas within our retail centers. 

Here's everything you need to know about digital OOH advertising:

1. Flexible and cost efficient

The flexibility of digital OOH advertising allows brands to create and display multiple promotions, rotating messages based on key time periods and sales, and remove the high production costs of large format print advertising. The full-motion capabilities provide greater opportunities for brand engagement, and the increased dwell time in court areas gives brands and retailers the opportunity to make a lasting impact on consumers.

2. Strong calls to action

One of the advantages of digital OOH advertising is that it is easy to edit your messaging. Accessory and apparel retailers Vera Bradley and Victoria’s Secret have done this particularly effectively, using digital formats to draw attention to a forthcoming in-store promotion or in-mall event. They were able to switch their messaging from "coming soon" to "visit now" with ease and without the long-lead times associated with updating printed advertising. Athletic clothing retailer lululemon used UPshow to integrate their social media assets for a "now open" message, promoting their new locations at our properties.

3. Dominate with impressions

Pairing digital with other forms of large format advertising, such as banners, standees, and wraps help to provide domination effect for brands. Royal Caribbean is one example of a brand who successfully took over our property, Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas. By dominating the center, they made sure to make an impact on each and every shopper that walked through the door. 

Digital Banner hanging inside mall

4. Meet consumer demand

Consumer attention is in demand across verticals within retail centers and is not limited to traditional retail brands. Local organizations such as healthcare centers and educational establishments have adopted digital advertising space to great effect, raising awareness of their services among the local population. They are also effective in promoting events such as festivals to a local audience. 

5. Get the stats you need

Technology is also playing a role in analyzing the effectiveness of digital advertising, allowing brands and organizations to assess the number and types of consumers that are viewing and interacting with a promotion. While no images are recorded or stored, software linked to cameras in a few select digital screens is able to analyze a wide range of statistics such as age, gender and length of interaction.

With plans in place to install digital display advertising at more properties throughout the country, we look forward to giving more brands the opportunity to reach consumers who are in a purchasing mindset with ease.

6. Socially drive engagement

Every digital screen at our retail centers is now equipped to utilize a new application known as UPshow, allowing consumers to engage directly with the advertisement through social media. By using a pre-determined hashtag or interacting directly with a brand’s social media channel, retail center visitors are able to see their (carefully moderated) comments and images appear on the large screens. Pitch Perfect 3 utilized UPshow, along with their own custom designed digital spot, to promote their new movie in late 2018. The UPshow spot worked to create an authentic voice for the brand, utilizing existing social spots and fan generated content to project onto the big screen, and encouraged the use of the hashtag #MerryPitchmas.

Pitch Perfect

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