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Hands-free shopping and delivery at Fashion Show helps customers make the most of the Vegas.

Have you ever purchased an item, only to discover that you're stuck carrying it around with you for the entire day? This was the dilemma faced by Dropit founder, Karin Cabili, who found the perfect pair of shoes on her way to a business meeting in 2014. Knowing it wouldn't be appropriate to arrive at her meeting with shopping bags, and without enough time to take them to her hotel, she frustratingly left the store empty handed.


Providing guests with maximum convenience is an important priority for us, and Dropit will benefit everyone.

Michelle Snyder, SVP and CMO at Brookfield Properties

This disheartening experience led to the creation of Dropit, a tech-enabled, hands-free shopping and delivery service that allows you to shop, drop your bags at any certified partner store, and get your bags delivered to your desired location at your earliest convenience. This technology is a retail game changer, creating an easier, more flexible, and more comfortable in-store shopping experience.

Brookfield Properties has partnered with Dropit at Fashion Show in Las Vegas with the goal of increasing foot traffic, increasing spend per customer, and improving the overall customer experience. Dropit sets Fashion Show apart as a leader in retail, making it the largest shopping center on the Vegas Strip to offer shopping delivery to its customers. The service is ideal for visitors to Las Vegas, such as tourists and conference delegates, who want to mix shopping with the many activities and attractions along the famous Strip. It's also handy for anyone for who might struggle with bags, such as parents, senior citizens, or those with disabilities.

Dropit is currently available at 14 stores within Fashion Show including Guess, Marciano, 7 For All Mankind, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Sur La Table, and Soma Intimates, with new partners being added every week. 

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