M. Gemi pop-up truck

Introducing a digital native footwear brand to new audiences.

Luxury Italian shoe retailer M. Gemi is a digitally native brand, a company that began and lives on an ecommerce platform. Brookfield Properties specializes in taking these brands "from clicks to bricks", offering them opportunities to connect with consumers through brick-and-mortar solutions. 

Launched in 2015, the handmade Italian shoe brand is known for working with family-owned workshops in Italy to design and craft luxury-quality shoes at great prices, and for offering new, limited edition designs at the beginning of every week. As part of a partnership with Brookfield Properties, M. Gemi toured the country in a converted vintage gelato truck, making stops at a number of our retail centers including Tysons GalleriaWater Tower Place, and Oakbrook Center. Shoppers who visited the pop-up were able to try on a selection of signature shoes for men and women, ranging from sneakers to flats to heels.

M. Gemi Pop-Up Truck

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M.Gemi is just one example of a successful partnership between a digital native brand and Brookfield Properties. We specialize in creating physical spaces at our properties, optimizing the shopping experience and growing business.

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