Drive-thru movie in mall parking lot Drive-thru movie in mall parking lot

Outdoor spaces are being used to draw consumer interest and drive traffic.

2020 has been a challenging year. While the coronavirus pandemic may have closed many doors in malls and homes across America, Brookfield Properties continues to bring innovative and creative solutions to keep retailers open and communities engaged. 


As with all of our tenants, it is our job to do everything we can to help make them successful in our shopping center communities."

Michelle Snyder, CMO, Brookfield Properties

Farmers market drive-thru in mall parking lot Farmers market drive-thru in mall parking lot

A farmer's market located in the parking lot at Willowbrook Mall drives traffic to the center during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Never before have parking lots been so pivotal as a source of generating revenue and traffic for big and small businesses. Brookfield Properties' ability to quickly pivot and innovate during challenging times has enabled us to turn our property parking lots into profitable, safe, family fun activities.

Brookfield Properties' is putting purpose behind our parking lots thanks to our partnership with Kilburn Live. Together, bringing virtual concerts, featuring legendary artists like Garth Brooks, and drive-in movie theaters. In conjunction, we've set up food kiosks around the drive-in theaters to increase our food courts' traffic. We've held these pop-up drive-ins and parking lot events at several of our locations, including Park MeadowsTown East MallCrossroads Center, and Woodbridge Center, with more to come. "We're working as much as we can with our tenants to really help them drive their sales and their success," Snyder said

Our parking lots serve other uses as well, offering spaces for COVID-19 testing sites, food trucks, and carnivals. We've even been able to help support local small businesses by offering space to local farmers' markets. "People are desperate to leave home," Snyder said, and Brookfield Properties offers the outlets to do so, while also creating a parking lot revenue source for retailers and businesses involved.

Brookfield Properties is always looking for new ways to transform our spaces into engaging activities that benefit both our retailers and communities. While this year has thrown more than a few curveballs, it's also provided us with opportunities to continue to adapt and evolve—after all, who would have thought parking lot events would become our next vehicle for success. 

We're committed to the success of our retail partners and tenants and we'd love for you to join us!

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