Shake Shack

How a single hot dog cart grew into a mouth-watering franchise.

As companies grow, so does their stake in finding the best physical spaces for interacting with customers. As an industry leader with proficiency in leasing, marketing and business expansion, Brookfield Properties acts as an incubator for brands, helping them choose ideal markets and spaces to accelerate growth.

Take Shake Shack, for example. Although the brand is known today as a national burgers-and-shakes sensation, it began in 2004 as just one hot dog cart in a single iconic space – Manhattan's Madison Square Park. As founder Daniel "Danny" Meyer expanded the business, he needed to find new spaces in which to connect with diners all along the East Coast..

Shake Shack burger Shake Shack burger

Year founded:

# of Brookfield Properties' locations:

Expected revenue by 2020:
$700 Million +

Partnering with Brookfield Properties, Shake Shack has opened locations at Perimeter MallThe Mall in ColumbiaStaten Island Mall, and Monmouth Mall. These properties act as community hubs - providing signature restaurants, food halls, and fast-casual dining options alongside entertainment and shopping retailers. A partnership with Brookfield Properties provides eat/drink retailers with access to high foot traffic, loyal customers and new gathering places. 

The burger empire has now expanded to over 200 locations across 10+ countries and 20 U.S. states, and expects to more than double its base by 2020.


We are always in search of distinctive community gathering places. Staten Island Mall is a bustling retail destination to bring our modern roadside burger stand. We’re thrilled to open our first Staten Island Shack and provide the local community a fun place to gather with family and friends.

Andrew McCaughan, VP of Development at Shake Shack

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