The Meerkat Meetup

Larger-than-life art exhibit promotes kinship and community

Meerkats Meerkats
Meerkats Meerkats
meerkats meerkats

A mall is more than just a place to shop. It's a gathering place — a shared space where all types of people can come together to participate in memorable experiences, learn something new, and be inspired. It's the community that keeps us going and drives us to create, and participate in, unique experiences that bring us together.


Deep in the deserts and grasslands of Africa lives another community. A meerkat community! Meerkats live together in big groups, with several families living as a large unit. The synergy between the meerkat community and our own — while unconventional — is clear. We decided to merge the two together in a way that would bring a sense of wonder and togetherness throughout our malls.


To highlight how important community is to us and the spaces we operate, we partnered with artist collective, Cracking Art, to bring our communities an awe-inspiring exhibition filled with vibrant-colored meerkat sculptures. The meerkats are made of recyclable plastic, further inspiring our community with conversation about caring for our environment and each other.