The Wishing Forest

First-of-its-kind holiday experience creates magic at Natick Mall and The SoNo Collection

The Wishing Forest™ is a unique and magical holiday experience that is transforming two of our shopping centers – Natick Mall and The SoNo Collection – into playful holiday forest landscapes. The Wishing Forest™ is comprised of a series of magical groves that engage families in play, surprise, and discovery. These interactive experiences are the first-of-their-kind and have been introduced to our centers to engage, attract, and inspire holiday shoppers during the most magical time of the year.


Wishing Tree Grove™

The main attraction in The Wishing Forest™ is the Wishing Tree™, where holiday wishes are released into the air so they can glow and grow. At this experience, located at Natick Mall, guests are able to write their holiday wishes on an enchanted paper scroll and place it inside a beautiful ornamental pinecone. Customers then enter the Wishing Tree™ and place their wish in the center. When the wish has been accepted by the tree, it soars into the air through a magnificent three-tiered chandelier, accompanied by a dazzling light display. Upon exiting, a holiday attendant provides customers with a gift bag containing their precious keepsake – the ornamental pinecone.


Giving Grove™

The Giving Grove™ is a magical area where visitors are able to give back to the community through the act of play. Guests can purchase tokens which are used at three coin-operated play stations: the music box, coin run, or gumball machine. Proceeds from the tokens go towards two local Natick charities including Second Chance Animal Services and the Ashland High School Make-A-Wish Club. The Giving Grove™ aligns with our mission of creating memorable holiday experiences while giving back to the local community.


Memory Grove™

Visitors of all ages are invited to meet Santa at the Memory Grove™. The beautiful Santa set is comprised of whimsical trees and brightly colored gift boxes, creating the perfect space for capturing photos. Visitors can also step inside a few of the decorative trees for a fun selfie-worthy surprise! 


Whispering Wishes Grove™

At The SoNo Collection, inside the Bloomingdale's Court, lies the Whispering Wishes Grove™. Visitors are welcome to journey through a mysterious holiday soundscape and whisper their wishes into the surrounding trees. As the wishes are spoken into golden branches, the forest becomes alive with mystical sounds. 


Holiday Bells Grove™

Visitors are invited to unlock a symphony of music and light as they walk and play throughout the Holiday Bells Grove™ at The SoNo Collection. The grove features a center bell ascending 24 feet into the air, outfitted with 1.6 million LED filaments, and surrounded by six smaller bells. As visitors step throughout the grove, a motion-tracking system allows for their movements to illuminate lights, trigger sounds, and unlock a symphony of music.