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Simple for your business. Seamless for your customers.

Your customers expect the convenience of curbside pickup and same-day delivery. Curbcierge – a full-service, mall-based pickup and delivery operation – is the answer. We provide the trained staff, infrastructure, and technology, making curbside pickup and same-day delivery easy for you to offer and benefit from.


Curbcierge uses our nationwide retail footprint, logistics partnerships, and technological capabilities to connect your products with your customers. You’ll realize savings in labor and shipping costs, build loyalty, and satisfy customer demand, all executed by powerful industry leaders. Cost-effective and business savvy, Curbcierge is a partnership that makes sense for everyone.



Curbside Pickup

Same-Day Delivery

Realize the benefits of best-in-class partnerships

Just as our business is about bringing communities together, we've brought together the best in technology and logisitics to power Curbcierge. That has meant real wins for our retailers, with more than 40% faster curbside delivery times, greater customer adoption of curbside fulfillment, and significant store labor savings. 


Powerful tech stack

Curbcierge runs on a cloud-based WMS with simple API intergrations, and we already have existing intergrations with market leaders like Delivery Solutions and DoorDash.

Operations experience

Operations are seamless thanks to our partnership with nGroup, a leading third-party logistics company with over 20 years of experience.




Curbcierge FAQs

What does it cost my business?

Just $4 per order, saving you $2 per order compared to the labor and time cost of paying your own employee to run that order. Put another way, our experience shows that for every $15 you invest in partnering with us on Curbcierge, you realize $100 of labor savings

How much work does it take to set up?

We can have you up and running within four to six weeks of signing a retail partnership agreement. Our cloud-based technology can be integrated into your existing system, and we’ll work with your IT team to make it happen seamlessly. Plus, if you already work with one of our logistics collaborators it gets even easier to connect Curbcierge.


Why does my business need Curbcierge when we're focused on in-store shoppers?

Curbside shoppers are digital shoppers. Statistically, 50% of curbside customers report they would have an item shipped if curbside wasn’t available and 30% of curbside customers are incremental, meaning they would have shopped off mall if this service wasn’t available. Offering this omnichannel convenience converts a digital shopper to the property and increases customer frequency. Plus, outsourcing the curbside delivery effort to Curbcierge’s trained staff enables store associates to focus on customer-facing activities, enhancing the in-store experience. 

Why wouldn't we set up our own curbside or same-day delivery?

With Curbcierge, we’ve simplified – and optimized – the process. We’re positioned to aggregate the demand for multiple retailers, driving efficiencies that you wouldn’t be able to if you took this on yourself. Since we’ve already done the groundwork, collaborated with key players, and set you up for success, all that’s left for you is to opt in and start realizing the benefits.               

Ready to deliver wherever you do business

Curbcierge is live at select locations and actively expanding. Join us in these markets now and work with us on where you want to go next – we can have your curbside or same-day delivery up and running in four to six weeks.     



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Scale to help you scale

Curbcierge is a part of Brookfield Properties Conceirge Services. In addition to curbside and same-day delivery, we have built an ecosystem that can help our retail partners with stocking, replenishment, returns, and more. Our scale, technology, and logistics collaborations can help you operate at a higher level.      

Ready to learn more about partnering on curbside and same-day delivery? Get in touch.

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