Michelle Isabel inside Brookfield Properties office Michelle Isabel inside Brookfield Properties office
Partner to Empower

Meet the team

Your team of retail experts

During your application process, you will be connected to a team that is committed to racial equity within the retail industry and to the success of your business. They look forward to collaborating with you on your Partner to Empower journey. If you have questions about the program, please contact us.


Michelle Isabel VP, Partner to Empower

"Partner to Empower is just the first step in Brookfield Properties’ pursuit to break down barriers and make our malls more diverse. We’ve been inspired, not only by the stories businesses have shared with us, but by the overwhelming support of the community and their contributions to the program. Together, we’re changing the retail landscape and I can’t wait to see what the future of this program holds."

Michelle acts as the Vice President of Partner to Empower. Her proudest professional achievement was being asked by senior leadership to develop and implement Brookfield Properties’ Partner to Empower program, which brings diversity to our shopping centers to better reflect the local communities they serve and grow Black-owned businesses in our physical spaces. 

Marcella Brys

Marcella Brys
Marketing Lead
Partner to Empower

“Partner to Empower’s impact has been far greater than opening a store. We’ve built connections with business owners, community leaders, business experts, and our Brookfield Properties family — creating something deeper than any one win. By recognizing inequalities and bringing people and resources together to support equity with this program, we can impact a person, family, community, or even generation.”


Angie McCann
Sr. General Manager
The Oaks Mall

“Being asked to serve on this committee was an honor for me. My first question was to ensure this was not just a passing phase — that we truly intended to make a commitment to make a difference. And we did. If we can look around our shopping centers and see a true reflection of all the people in our communities, we will know we did the job we set out to do — and that feeling can’t be beat!”


TaVida Rice
General Manager
Peachtree Mall

“My favorite part of Partner to Empower is the Retail Workshop — it truly sets our program apart! We are leading the industry by creating reciprocal investments with our retailers. This program is a partnership — we can’t be a successful organization without successful retailers. By educating retailers on the industry, we generate stronger, smarter, and more successful stores. It’s what makes sense.”

Ken Rucker

Ken Rucker

“Being a Partner to Empower team member is both a privilege and an honor. I especially enjoy talking and working with the business owners — they are passionate about fulfilling what, for some, is a lifelong dream to become a business owner. That, in turn, brings out the natural passion I have for helping others.”

Heather Kinsel

Heather Kinsel
Kiosk Leasing

“Working on the Partner to Empower team is an absolute pleasure. Having the opportunity to get to know the business owners on a personal level makes it even that much better. Watching them grow throughout the process, helping them design their stores, and seeing them across the finish line is truly fulfilling.”


Brandy Olaniyan
Kiosk Leasing 

“I am also tremendously grateful to work for an organization that recognizes a need and takes the initiative to make a difference. I feel so blessed to have the ability to help establish promising, unique concepts, and create opportunities that otherwise may not have been available. My hope is to inspire change by diversifying our centers and, in turn, the retail landscape as a whole.”

Our hands-on Retail Workshop facilitators

We are proud to have Global Core Strategies & Consulting as our Partner to Empower Retail Workshop facilitator.

Ron and Linda Harvey - Global Core Strategies and Consulting

Ron Harvey

Co-Founder and
Vice President 

Linda Harvey

Co-Founder and

Global Core Strategies & Consulting is a client-centered, forward-thinking leadership company focused on building real relationships, doing things that matter, and helping clients achieve sustainable results. The company is built on one of the most core fundamentals in business — to maximize employee performance, trust, morale, and productivity. Global Core Strategies & Consulting collaborates and engages with clients on leader development, effective communication, building trust, cultivating talent, and leveraging diversity to ensure the organization’s objectives are achieved.

Thank you to our incredible collaborators — both businesses and mentors — for lending your expertise at the Partner to Empower Retail Workshop. We couldn't do this without you!