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Specialty leasing FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a cart, kiosk, or pop-up shop in the mall?

Rates for renting carts, kiosks, or pop-up shops vary based on different variables including property, location, time of year and length of term. To find out the cost of a specialty leasing plan that best meets your needs, we recommend speaking to a business development representative who will provide you with more detailed information. 

Other than rent, what costs will I incur with a specialty lease?

In addition to rent, you are responsible for providing your merchandise and for paying your employees. You will be responsible for display props, acquiring insurance and can possibly incur credit card costs as well. If you are leasing an inline store, you will be responsible for your utilities. 

What's the longest (or shortest) amount of time I can lease a retail space in the mall?

Retail leasing terms for specialty leases can be as short as a day or as long as several years. Your local business development representative can help determine what is best for your business, and our business leasing resources and how-to’s offer more information on starting or expanding your business. 

Do I need my own equipment to lease a cart, kiosk, or pop-up shop?

RMUs (Retail Merchandising Units) are provided at each property, and pop-up fixtures are available at select properties across our portfolio. The majority of our inline stores are turnkey. 

How long does it take to get started with a specialty lease?

Once we agree on terms, you can get started with your lease very quickly. Some retailers can open within a week of negotiating their leasing terms. 

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