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Mall kiosks for rent

Customizable mall kiosk leases available

Lease a mall kiosk and secure 360-degree visibility for your brand in one of our high-traffic retail properties. Kiosks provide flexibility in terms of retail destinations that best fit your merchandising mix. Retail kiosks also allow you to test and adapt your product in new markets with shorter-term leases. Pivot quicker, and build momentum.

Whether you’re a digital brand looking to build an omnichannel presence or a small business hoping to expand, kiosks are the perfect opportunity to bring attention to your product for the right price and low commitment.

Kiosk designs

When looking to open a kiosk at the mall, you have many options for potential kiosk designs. Will you utilize an existing kiosk and alter its existing design, or will you create a custom kiosk design that will fit your unique business needs? Will you hire a kiosk designer, or will you utilize your own creative power to create your own mall kiosk? Whatever you choose, you want your kiosk to stand out among the crowd with a distinctive and attractive structure.

Kiosk designs for malls should determine their target shoppers and create a design that would best meet the needs of a mallgoer in the city and space where your mall kiosk is located. Likewise, you will need to consider what products your kiosk will provide, as a kiosk design for food vendors will differ from a kiosk design for clothing vendors.

Kiosk designs will need to consider how to best market your product and attract your ideal audience. Your business will need to consider aspects like structure, signage, lighting, displays, and function. If your mall kiosk is physically unattractive in design and structure it may deter customers or fall short of attracting their attention.

With Brookfield Properties, once a deal for a mall kiosk lease is approved, you will work with a Brookfield Properties Tenant Coordinator who can refer kiosk design and build firms with whom we have worked in the past, and our design department is available to provide renderings and ideation. You can also use your own designers. Custom kiosk designs are used often among our mall kiosk tenants. We offer flexibility and support for businesses who are both new and experienced in mall kiosk rentals, and our extensive portfolio of malls and shopping centers will provide opportunities for any type of retail business.

Mall kiosk prices

How much does a mall kiosk cost to rent for your business? Kiosk prices in a mall will differ depending on factors such as the size of the kiosk, the placement and location of the kiosk in the mall, the location of the mall itself (neighborhood, city, state, etc.), the length of the lease term, the number of kiosk locations that your business will have, and the specific business use for your kiosk.

For example, a kiosk located in the very center of the mall with exposure to the greatest number of shoppers will cost more than a kiosk located in a back corner of the mall. Likewise, a larger kiosk will cost more than a smaller kiosk due to the greater use of physical real estate within the mall.

Another important factor to consider with the cost of a mall kiosk is whether there are any extra fees in addition to the standard rental rates. Utilities (for example, electricity and water, if applicable) are often separate from the mall kiosk rent amount agreed upon in the lease. Mall kiosk insurance is another additional cost that should be considered, and the information surrounding mall kiosk insurance for your business’ specific lease will be spelled out in the lease agreement.

Brookfield Properties offers mall kiosks for rent for a wide variety of businesses. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with a Brookfield Properties specialty leasing expert to rent a mall kiosk.

How to rent a kiosk in a mall

You may be wondering how to get started with finding a mall kiosk for rent. Brookfield Properties makes it easy to find a mall kiosk space that works best for you and your business. Our specialty leasing experts will be able to assist in finding the best property location for your business’ specific mall kiosk needs. We also offer skilled and experienced kiosk leasing managers at each of our properties that can serve as a specific point of contact for a particular shopping center.

When contacting a Brookfield Properties agent, it is helpful to include specific information so that we may help you get started with leasing a mall kiosk right away. You should include information such as the type of business (for example, what are you planning to sell at your mall kiosk?), information on existing business or kiosk locations, sales history, photos of existing kiosks or storefronts, and any other information that may help the Brookfield Properties team find the best mall kiosk leasing opportunity for your business.

To get started with leasing a mall kiosk with Brookfield Properties, fill out our contact form below or reach out to a property manager at one of our specific properties.

Mall kiosk case studies

Explore a few of the dynamic businesses that have opened retail kiosks at our properties, below. Reach out to discover the possibilities for your business. 


Smart tech exercise equipment at The Streets of Southpoint in Durham, NC

Peloton microstore

With the unique 360-degree kiosk build-out at The Streets of Southpoint in Durham, North Carolina, shoppers can visualize cutting-edge Peloton exercise products in their home. With brand representatives standing by to conduct product demos and explain product features, this kiosk allows Peloton flexibility in entering the retail environment, while maintaining their innovative brand story of sleek, compact exercise products that fit neatly into your life. This kiosk is in a high-traffic area with full visibility and gives shoppers the opportunity to touch and feel Peloton products in the more familiar retail environment. 


Carlo's Bakery

Renowned baked goods at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX

The staff at Carlo's Bake Shop stands together in front of their bakery kiosk, some in uniforms and others in business casual.

With the help of kiosks like the one at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas, this East Coast family bakery has expanded into a nationally recognized business. Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr. and his family gained notoriety for their high-quality confections and appearances on the Food Network and in publications like The Knot and Modern Bridge. As their business and fan base has expanded, they've relied on the flexibility of our kiosks to maintain the quality of their brand while introducing their products to new markets of shoppers. Working in partnership with us, Carlo's Bakery has expanded beyond just the East Coast, bringing their goods to fans across the U.S.


Frango Mints

Historic Chicago candies at Water Tower Place in Chicago, IL

frango mint pop-up structure at mall

First created for Frederick & Nelson department stores in 1918 and purchased by Marshall Fields to boost sales during the Great Depression, Frango Mints is a Chicago staple now available at the entrance to Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue's "Magnificent Mile" of retail. Produced on the department store’s 13th floor from 1929 to 1999, these beloved mints have until recently only been available at Macy’s stores and online. A true delight, the Frango Mints cart at Water Tower Place on Chicago’s renowned Magnificent Mile retail district allows Chicago residents to savor a piece of their city’s history through local candies they love.



Puffle Waffle

Personalized dessert maker at Clackamas Town Center in Happy Valley, OR

A Puffle Waffle kiosk at the center of a mall with green countertops and a pink logo of a waffle.

Local waffle makers Puffle Waffle utilize the full visibility of a kiosk at Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon. Shoppers are introduced to their product first by smell, then by sight. The fresh waffle cones — made on-site — invite shoppers to try a delicious treat that they can eat while walking through the property. The bright colors and brightly lit signage highlight this new brand and help raise awareness. Our kiosk format is currently a perfect fit for Puffle Waffle as they continue to expand and grow.




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