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What is a pop-up shop? A retail pop-up, also called a pop-up shop, pop-up store or temporary retailing, is a temporary retail space rented or leased by a business that sells some type of retail good or service. Permanent retailers will “pop up” to test a new market or a new concept, digital natives will “pop up” and try shopping malls, and there are even pop-up markets such as Maker’s Markets. Pop-up shops help brands expand into new selling formats, reach new audiences, and test different markets.

Pop-up shops have a variety of uses and benefits. Uses for pop-up shops can include increasing awareness for a new product launch, introducing a brand collaboration or another specialty promotion, or even just creating an interactive and exciting way to include brand awareness.

A pop-up space provides a retailer with a short-term opportunity to test a concept in a mall without a long-term commitment. Overhead costs are less than a permanent, long-term lease. Businesses have the ability to test market a product, receive consumer insights, and utilize these insights to drive further business decisions. Brands can benefit from pop-up shops and retail pop-ups by utilizing a unique space to better connect with consumers directly, by increasing product purchases, and even by promoting brand awareness in person. Businesses both big and small can obtain and benefit from pop-up store rentals and mall pop-up shops.

Pop-up shops to rent

You can find pop-up shops to rent for a range of time periods, from as little as two or three days to as long as one or two years. They are often strategically located with malls and shopping centers, allowing for exposure to a high volume of shoppers. Pop-up shop leases are often less costly than the price of renting a store via a general retail lease. Pop-up shop leasing will vary depending on location, size, time of year, and other factors. Pop-up shop rent prices vary depending on a variety of factors including specific property or mall, length of term, time of year, type of merchandise, type of space, size of space, and location.

Examples of pop-up shops with Brookfield Properties

Looking to grow your business? Opening a new store can feel like a risk, but short-term leasing can help to create brand affinity with a lower investment. Brookfield Properties' retail design team can even provide conceptual renderings and design assistance to aid in the creation of your pop-up shop.

Activations can be hosted at one location or at a number of properties. Explore our world of pop-up leasing below and on Instagram, and reach out to learn what's possible for your business.  


E-commerce giant enters brick-and-mortar 


Wayfair, the world's largest online home goods store, has entered the world of brick-and-mortar by way of pop-ups.  The e-commerce giant has popped up at The Streets at Southpoint and at Natick Mall, where the brand now has a permanent store! 

The Wayfair pop-up shops give shoppers the chance to browse through hundreds of budget-friendly home decor items and walk away with them that same day.

"This is a Tiffany T"

Immersive experience at Ala Moana Center celebrates iconic jewelry collection


Brookfield Properties invited shoppers into the brilliant and timeless world of Tiffany & Co. at the "This is a Tiffany T" pop-up experience at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The installation invited customers into an immersive and glittering experience that included infinity mirrors and reflective surfaces featuring the letter T. 

The pop-up experience was located steps away from Tiffany & Co., where guests were encouraged to view the Tiffany T line and learn how the styles can be mixed, matched, stacked, and layered.

The Cinnaverse Experience

Pop-up experience delights cereal lovers at Baybrook Mall


The Cinnaverse Experience was a unique pop-up at Baybrook Mall that brought the taste, sight, smell, and feel of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to life. The fun, interactive experience allowed fans of the sweet cereal to immerse themselves in the qualities of Cinnamon Toast Crunch — from the taste and texture to the cereal's staple cinnamon and sugar swirl.

Kanye West "Saint Pablo"

Musical artist promotion at multiple locations

Saint Pablo

Kanye West's "Saint Pablo" retail pop-ups, hosted at six properties, created an experience for millennial shoppers that went beyond a traditional inline store. The three-day initiative showcased The Life of Pablo merchandise products as if they were pieces of artwork in a gallery. More than 15,000 shoppers visited the installations at Northbrook Court in Chicago, Stonebriar Centre in Dallas, Fashion Show in Las Vegas, Miami Design District in Miami, and Clackamas Town Center in Portland.

Thanks to a strong partnership with the retailer, we were able to execute all details of the pop-up shops. The team expertly handled everything from the contract to installation to dismantling, all within the span of a few days — proving their ability to pull off a large-scale experience, successfully.

Get in touch to learn more about retail pop-up capabilities with us.