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Savage secrets

Learn the secrets behind Rihanna’s in-store strategy for Savage X Fenty.

When Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand was constructing its inaugural brick-and-mortar store at Brookfield Properties’ Fashion Show Las Vegas, the megastar told her team, “I know it’s got to be a store, we have to be able to sell, we have to be able to do volume, but it just can’t look like a regular store.”

And indeed, it surpasses the notion of a conventional store. Her distinctive vision gave birth to an extraordinary space, drawing inspiration from dollhouses and fashion shows, with rock concerts influencing every aspect from lighting and music to store layout, flow, fitting rooms, mannequins, and even the checkout system.

While your vision may differ from RiRi's, there are valuable lessons to be learned from this ground-breaking store format that can be applied to your own business.

store innovation store innovation

Store innovation tip #1: stand out

Creating an exceptional store experience is paramount to Savage X Fenty. Every aspect, from the music to the lighting, is carefully crafted to entice customers to explore and shop. Regardless of their familiarity with the brand or their admiration for Rihanna, the store piques curiosity. Its unique vibes captivate visitors, encouraging them to linger and browse. Unlike conventional retailers, it offers nooks and crannies that beckon shoppers to discover each and every product.

Your takeaway
Take inspiration from this approach and consider how your store can stand out while staying true to your brand. You may not be Rihanna, but you possess your own distinctive qualities. Identify what sets your business apart, what will attract customers, and what will keep them engaged once inside. Engage their senses with carefully curated lighting, music, or even a signature scent. Craft a store atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression and creates a memorable vibe that is all yours.

store innovation store innovation

Store innovation tip #2: make it a special experience

In the realm of retail innovation, Savage X Fenty embraces the timeless principle of "consumer centricity" — putting the customer first. As a digital-first brand venturing into physical retail, their goal is to create a seamless fusion of online and in-store shopping, providing a truly worthwhile experience. They prioritize the dressing room experience, crafting an intimate, modern, and visually stunning space. By investing in sizing technology, they assist customers in finding the perfect products for each body. Savage X Fenty understands the importance of making their store stand out, offering unique features and exclusive products that entice customers away from the brand’s competitors. They also leverage social media to showcase the enjoyable aspects of their store, generating interest and encouraging repeat visits. By creating a special and intriguing environment, Savage X Fenty ensures that customers keep coming back for more.

Your takeaway
You’ve got to find reasons to make shopping at your store worth it for a customer who could easily be scrolling your competitors from their couch. What is the value-add of being in your store for your customer? Can you offer in-store exclusive features or products? How can you feature the fun aspects of your store on social media to drive interest? If you can make it special for your customers, they’ll keep coming back.

Store innovation tip #3: create customer community

Savage X Fenty values their customers as part of their community and has created a store that fosters this sense of belonging. It serves as a space where customers both can explore products firsthand and capture shareable moments, immersing themselves in the party-like atmosphere and embracing the "Savage family" spirit. By eliminating the conventional sales approach, the brand breaks down barriers between store staff and customers. The retail team seamlessly assists customers, browsing inventory and checking sizing availability side by side, fostering a collaborative environment where they work together as a team to find the perfect item. Additionally, there is a dedicated area for gift wrapping, accessible to customers, allowing them to feel a deeper connection to the products and fostering a sense of connection with the Savage X Fenty team member who carefully wraps their gift.

Your takeaway
In today's retail landscape, having a strong social media presence is crucial. Focus on one channel and excel at it. Social media provides an invaluable opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue with your customers, gaining insights into their preferences and interests. By actively seeking their input on the in-store experience and paying attention to the content they share online, you can leverage these valuable data points to influence your store's design and layout. Ultimately, the key to taking your business to new heights lies in cultivating a community of passionate, loyal customers. Remember, your retail space serves as a welcoming hub for your customers, especially when hosting private events or offering unique experiences that set you apart from your competitors and make a lasting impact within your community.

store innovation store innovation

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