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Brookfield Properties manages, leases, and develops the best real estate assets across the UK, providing strong returns for Brookfield Asset Management and positively impacting the communities we serve. We connect people, communities, and supply chains, delivering not only quality buildings but also investing in the spaces between them. Our commitment extends beyond mere landscaping or hardscaping; we focus on "people-scaping"—enhancing the fabric of neighbourhoods and districts where we operate. We are dedicated to sustainable solutions that minimise environmental impact while collaborating with our tenants and surrounding communities to bring our real estate to life.

Our UK presence by the numbers

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    square feet of commercial space

More than a landlord, a partner.
Our approach

More than a landlord, a partner.

We are designing for a future where our buildings and spaces foster innovation, creativity, and community. From the warm welcome from our on-site teams, to Activated, our curated tenant and community programme, to our collaborative efforts with Accelerate ESG. We are a partner to our tenants.

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We manage, lease, and develop the best assets in UK. Through Brookfield Asset Management, we have ownership of our properties too. Come discover the difference.


Meet our team in the United Kingdom

We know it takes more than just vision to get the job done right. That's why our expert team of industry-leaders, operating experts and out-of-the-box thinkers have built one of the most impressive commercial portfolios in the UK.

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Tom Cochrane

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

United Kingdom


Charlotte Dean

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

United Kingdom


Dean Manning

Senior Vice President, Construction Services

United Kingdom


Claire Outram

Vice President, Asset Management

United Kingdom


Caitlin Warfield

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Europe, United Kingdom


UK Development

A look into the latest development projects in the United Kingdom

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We are deeply committed to creating developments that have a lasting positive impact on communities and the environment. We build not just for today, but to contribute to the well-being and inspiration of future generations.

Sustainability first. Always.
UK Sustainability

Sustainability first. Always.

Our target to halve carbon emissions by 2030 is bold and ambitious. We’re not just aiming for change. We’re spearheading a collective effort to pave the way for a sustainable future.

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