At a glance

10 floors

14 buildings

Built in 2016

6,720,000 square feet of office space

134,000 square feet of retail space

30,000 - 86,000-square-foot floor plate

Parking for 8,700 vehicles

Professionally-managed daycare

Public cultural space like amphitheater and art gallery

The Bay: retail, dining and recreation space

The Kitchen: six alfresco restaurants for fine dining

Water recycling and rain harvesting

Active: includes an infinity pool, tennis court, basketball court, squash court, jacuzzi, outdoor gym, jogging track, juice bar and café desk

AIRE: sustainable and Iconic living art structure

Cutting-edge waste management system

Efficient central core design

Extensive landscape areas

Largest business park to be certified under LEED ARC

Low carbon footprint

Marketplace for convenience and retail store

Open landscaped public space

Space for lease at Ecoworld

Ecoworld is one of the large-scale colossal architectural development that offers the next level of Work-leisure district in Bangalore's bustling metropolis. Strategically located in Sarjapur, on a signal-free stretch of the Outer Ring Road, the campus is in proximity to social infrastructure that includes reputed education institutes, leading malls, hospitals, and developed residential catchments. Designed for a natural and optimal energy footprint with rich landscaped central sculpture and extensive water features. One of the exceptional features is ACTIV, an exclusive health club and The Bay, dedicated space for social hub. There is an Eco deck with infinity pool and mesmerizing views.

Our awards and certificates

LEED Gold certified
LEED Gold certified
Arc Skoru certified
Arc Skoru certified
WELL Health-Safety rated
WELL Health-Safety rated



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