A lot of buildings that are in the downtown area of a city and there are glass panels on them.

Property details

Building Size (Sq. Ft.)


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Foster + Partners

Parking Size

2,700 spaces

Public Realm

31 meters high

ICD Brookfield Place Dubai is a four-acre property located in the central district of the DIFC. With over 990,000 sq. ft. of highly functional, column-free work space, complemented by 160,000 sq. ft. of retail space, the asset reflects our commitment to creating best-in-class properties.

City that has tall building seems like touching the sky in the outdoor of the city.
A large empty lobby walkway of a building that is full of walls lined with glass windows.
Fountain inside of an indoor lobby of a large building that has plants and trees.
A large glass building that has an A shaped metal frame at the front of it and some trees out front as well.
Interior of a building atrium with glass paneled walls. Inside the space there trees planted.
The floor shines in a light colored room with a large wall of glass doors and a staircase.
Building's hallway with individual door labeled A, B, C and L, K, and J.


Interconnection with DIFC Northern Campus and Gate Avenue

The Arts Club, a private members club

Excellent access and transport links – situated between two metro stops

Full-service valet and highly-efficient drop off service

Double-height, light-filled lobby

Pop-ups include Encounter Café, Bliss Flower Boutique and Pret

Dining and services opening soon include: Skin Laundry, Waitrose supermarket, Niche and The Guild


Ratings and Certifications

LEED Platinum certified

LEED Platinum certified

SmartScore Platinum

SmartScore Platinum

WiredScore Platinum

WiredScore Platinum

The Location

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United Arab Emirates

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