At a glance

8 floors

83,063-square-metre/ 894,082-square-foot building

46,887 square metres/ 504,687 square feet of retail space

6,887 square metres/ 504,687 square feet of retail space

Parking for 993 vehicles

500-metre proximity to commuter rail

Positioned as a high-mid level community mall with higher-end offering compared to the nearby Wanda Plaza

Very nicely built, modest design, with good exterior signage and new facilities

Space for lease at Mosaic Xi'an

Located in in the heart of the Jiefang Road, Mosaic Xi’an is close to several city administrative institution buildings, office buildings, hotels and commercial buildings. Mosaic Xi’an provides thrilling customer experiences, integrating shopping, entertainment, dining and creative activities.

Notable tenants

CGV Cinema
Xuji Seafood
Really Fitness
Guduyi Restaurant
Cou Cou Hotpot
Green Tree E-Game Club