Residential - Multifamily, Office, Retail

Pier 70

520 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

At a glance

250,000 square feet of historic buildings

Built in 2025

1,820,000 square feet of office space

115,000 square feet of retail space

50,000-square-foot maker space

90,000-square-foot art facility

1,185+ units

Property information at Pier 70

In partnership with the Port of San Francisco, we are building a very San Francisco place. Pier 70 puts creativity at the center, is open and inviting to all and which brings people closer to the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Pier 70 will establish a real estate and operational creative platform for innovation and cross pollination across technology, arts, making and design to create a best-in-class mixed-use district. Historic Building 12, the creative heart of Pier 70, will provide a unique retail/maker experience. Building 12 sets the tone for Pier 70's future vertical developments and serves as the primary amenity to attract anchor office users and drive office and residential absorption.