At a glance

9 floors

Built in 1998

2,150-vehicle underground parking facility

Situated in a prime location in the heart of Berlin with historical significance

5-Star hotels include Mandala and the Grand Hyatt

A thriving arts and events program that hosts the Berlin International Film Festival and the Bambi Awards each year

Access to Berlin’s extensive public transportation network

Best in class building that was designed by one of the world’s leading architects: Sir Richard Rogers

130 shops and restaurants within a three level shopping center

Space for lease at Potsdamer Platz - B4

Designed by Sir Richard Rogers. The Property and the neighboring Linkstraße 4 have been planned as twin buildings with a futuristic, transparent look and sustainable design. The 9-storey building comprises a glass atrium which extends throughout the building, giving it an open and transparent feel. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the office space with daylight and outstanding views of the Tilla-Durieux-Park.

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