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Space for Lease at The Mall Nanxiang

The Mall Nanxiang is a four storey family-oriented community mall located in the densely populated Nanxiang area in the Jiading District. The mall was originally developed as part of a residential project and has recently been renovated. It is close to popular tourist attractions and is adjacent to Nanxiang Station.

Overhead shot of buildings
Overhead shot of mall
A building that is next to a river and the building is painted in a lot of colorful ways to make it look older.
A collection of buildings that are near some trees that have pink flowers on them on a sunny day.
Some buildings that are painted to be more colorful and whimsical than they would be normally along a river.
A view of a road that runs near a city with some buildings that have some lights on them as well.


Conveniently located close to public transport

Carrefour supermarket

Movie cinema

Four Seasons Education

Restaurants including Harvest Festival, Haidilao and Xi Garden Shanghai Cuisine


Ratings and Certifications

The Location

The Mall Nanxiang icon-external-site-link
3168 Fengxiang Road