A large building with lights that has a courtyard in front of it full of trees and grass.

Property details

Plieninger Straße


SI-Centrum is a 1.2 million square foot mixed-use entertainment complex in Stuttgart, Germany. The property is centrally located along a main thoroughfare between the city center and airport. The venue includes two musical theatres, a four-star hotel, cinema, casino and retail and service offerings. In addition, there are approximately 320 apartments, including almost 200 serviced residences. The building structure is divided in SI 1 and SI 2 and the residential and hospitality complex SI Suites.

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An indoor pool that is surrounded by trees and stores at a resort with a glass roof.
A large white lobby that has tables with chairs lining the floor and a staircase in the background.
A road that is lined up with trees along the sidewalks and rows of white buildings.
A large skyscraper is seen near a park with many trees and other buildings nearby.



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The Location

SI-Centrum II icon-external-site-link
Plieninger Straße 101, 109, 109a, 111
Stuttgart 70567