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Company culture

Collaborative to our core

We’ve reimagined how culture can drive success in real estate. Promoting a workplace built around trust and transparency. Where doing the right thing and doing the smart thing are one and the same.

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  • Strength through diversity

    We foster an inviting, inclusive environment

  • A culture of commitment

    From how we engage with our partners to how we approach our internal culture — we're committed

  • Limitless opportunity

    We ensure our employees have ample opportunities to begin and grow their careers with us

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Strength through diversity

Diversity is one of the essential building blocks of our business. Why? Because we know the best solutions are born from bringing together people of different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.


Our engagement groups are a core aspect of our culture. Voluntary and employee-led, these networks foster an inclusive workplace, provide volunteer opportunities, and help develop our future leaders.

Amy Meichner, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Employee Resource Groups (“ERGs”) are employee-driven groups focused on shared identities, life experiences, and/or interests. The ERGs listed here function at one or more of the Brookfield Properties’ entities, and participation and availability may vary.

Champions meeting at Brookfield Properties retail group office Champions meeting at Brookfield Properties retail group office

A culture of commitment

We are more when we're together. That's why we’ve created a welcoming atmosphere for our team. Emphasized diversity and inclusivity. And provided our employees with the tools they need to grow their careers. Because we’re not just a business that others want to work with — we’re a business that people want to work for.


Transparency and integrity are more than just tenets of our organization — they’re the bedrock of our culture.

Ben Brown, Executive Vice President

Our responsibility

We embed ESG principles into our operations to ensure that our business model will be sustainable well into the future.

To learn more about some of the measures we are taking and the positive impact we have made, download Brookfield Asset Management's ESG report.

BAM's 2022 ESG Report
Brookfield Asset Management ESG report Brookfield Asset Management ESG report
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Built on values

We maintain an ethics hotline to report suspected unethical, illegal, or unsafe behavior.

Our hotline is managed by an independent third party and is available 24/7.

Global Ethics Hotline
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Limitless opportunity

We believe that performance should be synonymous with advancement. That’s why, at Brookfield Properties, we reward top-tier work by promoting from within.

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No matter how long you’ve been with the company or in your position, you are always learning new ideas and more efficient and effective ways of doing things from others in the company and your team.”

Randy Tennison, Senior General Manager

Making our planet a priority

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