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Caitlin Warfield

Vice President, Marketing and Communications | Europe, U.K.

Headshot of Caitlin Warfield, Director, Marketing at Brookfield Properties.


Caitlin is Vice President of Marketing of our Europe and United Kingdom businesses and is responsible for Marketing and Communications, including Arts and Placemaking activities.

She joined Brookfield in 2014 and has held various roles in the Marketing and Arts & Events groups including the redevelopment of Brookfield Place New York, Manhattan West and focused marketing initiatives across North America and Europe. Caitlin is also the co-founder of the Brookfield LGBTQ+ Pride Network. Prior to joining Brookfield, Caitlin spent time in Los Angeles and New York with the Creative Artist Agency.

Caitlin holds a bachelor's degree of Science in Arts Business Administration and Law from Ithaca College.