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Transmutation Diptych

Hans Kotter | New York

Al Herd Al Herd


250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281

This artwork is not open to the public

About the work

The light sculptures that he is best known integrate mirrors and color-changing lights or incorporate the photographs, Kotter produces by shooting light reflecting off of various prisms.

Hans Kotter’s work focuses on the physical, artistic elements of light, color, and space. He is interested in the changing appearance of these elements under different physical conditions. He creates both small individual works of art and large-scale installations, which rely on light and often integrate photography.

Transmutation Diptych, 2004-2005
Laserchrome photo on aluminum, Edition of 3, Artist Proof
36” H x 47” W x ¾” D (each panel) 

About Hans Kotter

Elaborating on the legacy of minimalist light art, Hans Kotter creates sculptures and prints that examine the interplay of light and environment. Kotter’s phantasmagoric works use LED lights and mirrors to create curvaceous optical patterns of light that seem to recede into infinity. The visual trickery of Kotter’s work is secondary to his ability to manipulate immaterial light into formal properties of color that alter the perception of the object.