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Nidja Djilba Boorloo

Justin Martin | Perth

Nidja Djilba Boorloo by Justin Martin Nidja Djilba Boorloo by Justin Martin


Brookfield Place Perth
125 St Georges Terrace
Perth 6000

About the work

For several years, the street pianos project has been an annual event that engages local artists to re-skin pianos as an activation for the community to watch and upon its completion, available for all in the community to enjoy and play.

We’re proud to have partnered with First Nations artist Justin Martin from Djurandi Dreaming, as he brings to life his specially designed street piano Nidja Djilba Boorloo.

Justin’s artwork is a representation of the Perth area as a whole. Traditionally influenced, Justin’s artwork shows a group of women gathering off the land and using several plant species for medicinal purposes whilst singing in their native tongue in boorloo. Tapping sticks, large, hollowed logs used as drums and boomerangs were the traditional Whadjak instruments. On the outskirts of the ceremonies we see the spirit of the yonga guiding women throughout Nyungar boodja.

WATCH THIS VIDEO and journey with Justin as he brings Nidja Djilba Boorloo to life.